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Welcome to Regal Fundraising - Regal, Canada's Oldest Name In Fundraising, Introduces Personalized Fundraising Web-Stores.

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Regal has reinvented fundraising with personalized fundraising web stores!

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Regal wants your fundraising event to be successful. We offer a couple of fundraising options to ensure that this happens.

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Find out what Regal fundraising can do for your school, sports team or non profit organization.

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Get answers regarding your Personalized Fundraising Web-Stores & Fundraising with Regal.

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Fundraising Quote From Collen"My fundraiser was surprised at how much profit they could make and how little work they had to do fundraising because I took care of it for them"
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Welcome to Regal Fundraising!

We take care of all your School, Church, Sports Team or Groups Fundraising needs.

Regal Offers the Easiest Fundraising Program Designed Just For You!

• You earn more in total sales with Regal Fundraising than any other fundraising program, PLUS you earn at least 30% on your sales.

• You receive your own Fundraising Web Store where your fundraising supporters place and pay for their orders. We take the hassle away for you. This means you don’t need to collect money or handle delivery of orders. You will also receive real-time updates - an email is sent to you after every order has been placed on your fundraising website, helping you track and monitor your fundraising success.

• You and your fundraising supporters will be able to browse the well known Regal Catalogue. This gives your fundraising supporters choice - over 1400 different products when you include all the items on your fundraising web store. Best of all you don’t need to pre-buy products for your fundraising campaign.

• You have access to Regal Fundraising experts across the country that can make our easy to use fundraising program even easier. We also have a full fundraising customer service team where you can speak to a "live" person if you have questions or are looking for fundraising ideas.

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Regal Fundraising has been helping Canadians with their fundraising efforts since the 1940's! Regal fundraising has been an essential part in helping schools, sports teams, clubs & non profit organizations with their fundraising efforts and is now Canada's leader in fundraising & fundraiser events. Now Regal reinvents fundraising once more with the introduction of "Personalized Fundraising Web Stores! Copyright 2014 - Official site of Regal Fundraising Canada - 1.800.565.3130 - - - - are all part of the Regal Gifts Corporation Network of sites.